Find Your Candidates

This Saturday voters will go to the polls to in local elections to select City Council members, Mayors, and School Boards.

Are you planning to vote? Find out who CUPE members have endorsed in your local community.


Local elections don’t always get the kind of media attention that see in federal or provincial elections, but don’t let that fool you.

Local leadership matters. Electing progressive community champions is vital to building strong communities.

No one knows this better than CUPE members: early childhood educators, recreation facility workers, education assistants and K-12 support workers helping make public schools safe and inclusive, and frontline workers providing housing and saving lives in the face of the drug overdose crisis–and many more.

Whatever the job, CUPE members show up for our communities, and we expect local leaders to do the same.

That’s why CUPE members across the province have come together to endorse candidates in the B.C. local elections. These candidates will stand up for good community services, and the workers who provide them.

Go to to find out who CUPE members have endorsed in your local area. Our online tool will let you plug in your postal code and find out who we recommend for Mayor, Council and School Board.

I encourage you to share this page with your colleagues, friends and family.

In these elections if we rally together around strong progressive candidates that value public services, we can elect community champions we’ll be proud of.

In solidarity,

Paul Faoro, President CUPE BC